Christmas Message from Pastor Gerardo

Winter is closer to us every day. The darker days affect people in various ways, some suffering from depression. I do not like short days, because it makes me feel that I have less time. But on the other hand, I like the cooler weather.

This year has been very difficult for many, and we already want it to end. This pandemic is affecting the world with death and worries. Many people are losing a family member or friend or we realize that a neighbor or a relative has contracted the virus. Also, the fight to contain the spread of the disease is greatly affecting economic affairs of many families and businesses. Both large corporations and small businesses have experienced layoffs of employees or closures of their companies. Many are bankrupt because of these closures. Many part-time and full-time employees have stopped working for months, and others have already lost their jobs. Rents, bills and debts do not wait, and many people are forced to get more loans to maintain their businesses. All of our lives are affected by the limitations imposed on hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, barber shops, gyms, shops, and even grocery stores. This is not just in America, it is worldwide.

Apparently 2020 has also been a very bad year for the planet. Fires have devastated at least 5 western states in our country and flooding has caused damage in the central states. Southern Mexico and Central America have suffered with the floods caused by Hurricane Lota. Results of these catastrophes have cost billions of dollars and further overwhelmed hospitals. Populations of many countries across the globe are divided by political and social differences.

Certainly it is a very dark and difficult year. One of my brothers posted a question on Facebook asking why do we celebrate Christmas if we are not together. That made me sad, and surely others think the same. My mother used to say that it is always darkest before the dawn, and that there is no evil that lasts forever; however, nobody can resist it.

christmas lights in the shape of a christmas tree

I have noticed that many people are already putting up their Christmas lights and decorations. I’m glad to see this, since we must not lose faith and hope that we will soon come out of this crisis. We have to start thinking about what we have done wrong. What does our planet want to tell us regarding the circumstances that we are going through? Also, we need to value our family more, since life is very short. We need to rethink our values, since living with vanity is useless; youth and money are fleeting. We must focus more on God, love Him above all things, and allow His will to enable us to love one another as He loves us.

This Christmas Eve we must prepare ourselves with prayer and meditation to do things better for ourselves while still thinking about others. We can ask God that on Christmas Eve, the Baby Jesus will be born in our hearts and transform us from within. We want to become more like Him, full of light, humility and compassion for others. But above all we pray that we never lose the hope, peace, joy, and love that God offers us.

Pastor Gerardo Vázquez

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