What Happened to the Glasses?

He who is generous prospers;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25, NIV

On behalf of the CRISTO VIVE CHURCH I bring you the warmest thanks for the donations of your glasses. The recipients know that all of you kept them for some sentimental reason or to give them a better use. But we know that God’s plans are different from ours and those glasses had to reach a new owner who needed them. In Mexico–and especially in El Maguey–people have very low-incomes, and there is no way to purchase glasses. The frames are very expensive, and people prefer to buy food to eat.

People of El Maguey receive eye glasses donations

Adults over 40 years of age often begin to have problems with their vision. For example, they struggle to read the instructions on medicine bottles. Also, there are many children who do not have good vision, which results in difficulties learning at school. And there are some people who never know if they need glasses, since they have never had an eye exam.

Well, thanks to your generosity and solidarity, a suitcase full of glasses arrived for the community of El Maguey. Many children and adults have benefited by receiving them. I plan to share some photos so you can know what happened. You will enjoy seeing the happy face of a child who received his glasses. When he noticed the difference in his new view of the world, his face lit up! God has blessed you for your noble gesture.

Pastor. Gerardo Vazquez-Padilla

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