Spring Worship Topics

Here’s what’s coming up in the month ahead during worship!

May 19 – Reconciling Sunday
We commemorate the third anniversary of the church being a fully-inclusive community. Celebrate with us as we look to the future. This is our bilingual service for May!

May 26 – Conversion as a Continuing Experience
We often think that conversion to being a Christian is a one-time altar call, but more typically, conversion is a life-long journey. We’ll look at what our journeys are, and how we embrace our individual spiritual journeys.

June 2 – On earth as in Heaven
Our New Testament tells us that Jesus ascended into heaven, leaving the disciples to wonder what they are to do next. How can we understand this story faithfully (but not necessarily literally) as a call for us to be the church.

June 9 – Pentecost Sunday!
It’s appropriate for us to worship bilingually on this day when the Holy Spirit helped everyone to understand one another in one’s own tongue.

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