Seeking After God

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series: Seeking After God.  What does it mean to search and follow God? We may think such journeys should be carefree, but often this searching is filled with initial success, then failure, uncertainty, and pondering. Let’s look at the models of seeking we find in our scriptures!

January 21 — Faithful Following – Mark 1:14-20
The disciples by the sea immediately follow Jesus – and find community in a different life. Where are we willing to risk for our faith?

January 28 — Re-turning to God – Book of Jonah
The story of Jonah and the whale is far deeper than a “big fish” story. It’s the story of 2nd and 3rd chances given to us by God. It’s the story of how we make mistakes and still get called into relationship with a loving God.

February 4 — Seeking Healing and Recovery – Mark 1:28-39
Those who serve well, also need to remember to rest and wait. In fact, waiting is not such a passive thing — it is essential to seeking God!

February 11 — The Way of Seeing – John 9:1-41
Bilingual Service / Transfiguration Sunday
The transfiguration moment on the mountain leads the disciples to see more, and learn to serve differently. Where am I blind to those who are in need? How can I learn to “see” more?

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