Our Mission

Welcoming Statement

All persons are individuals of sacred worth.

Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation including lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ), economic reality, marital or family status, physical or mental ability, age, background, or religious tradition, you are accepted as a full participant in the life and work of this Reconciling United Methodist Congregation.

You are God’s beloved and welcome here.


Todas las personas son individuos de valor sagrado.

Sea cual sea su raza, etnia, identidad de género, orientación sexual incluyendo lesbianas, gays, bi-sexuales, transgénero, queer / questioning (LGBTQ), la realidad económica, la situación matrimonial o familiar, la condición física o mental habilidad, edad, antecedentes o tradición religiosa, se le acepta como un participante en la vida y el trabajo de este Reconciling United Methodist Congregación.

Tú eres el amado de Dios y bienvenido aquí.


The Mission of San Jose First

San Jose First is a family of faith, which seeks to “Know Christ and make Christ Known.” We have articulated five areas in which we will focus our work:

We know Christ and make Christ known through Discipleship. This term can be interpreted from reading in the New Testament about the work and disposition of the disciples of Christ. They spent their time learning from Jesus about God’s plan for us. They were completely devoted to Jesus and showed this in their actions and words. Jesus depended on them to teach God’s Word and preach the Gospel message when He left this world. If we are to engage in discipleship then, we study God’s Word, demonstrate our devotion to Jesus Christ, and use our spiritual gifts to teach others about Him. Our times of Bible Study, prayer, and fellowship help us know Christ better, and are opportunities to make Christ known to others in word and deed.

We know Christ and make Christ known through our Worship and Music. Worship is a holy moment in which we connect with God and each other. We proclaim the message of God’s love for us in moving worship services that are warm and welcoming to all. This ministry includes the beautiful music of the JuBELLation bell choir. We strive for each person in attendance to be an active participant in the spirit of Worship — and we all “come as you are”!

We know Christ and make Christ known in our Youth & Children’s Ministries. We provide a place where youth and children are welcome and where they learn of Jesus’ love for them and us all, both on Sunday mornings and in our Friday night youth programs. Youth are not just participants — we are intentional about leadership development and mentoring for our youth. Their joyful exuberance and energetic spirit lift us all.

We know Christ and make Christ known in our Community and World Service. We find Christ in the face of a person in need, and we make Christ known in our acts of kindness and charity. Working together, we are instruments of Christ’s compassion, and make a significant impact in our community. Jesus said to let our light shine that others might see our good works and glorify God.

We know Christ and make Christ known in Developing our Leadership. There are many gifts in the family of Christ, and we believe that the Church is built up by the contribution of each individual. We seek to help people discover the working of God’s Spirit within them, and to exercise their unique gifts and graces for the common good. We seek to develop leadership not only within the church, but also in the community, believing that we make Christ known through our leadership. We recruit, nurture and support spiritual leaders (both lay and staff) who inspire and guide the congregation to work together to achieve God’s mission and ministries, sharing knowledge, resources, and their unique gifts.