About Us

What is San Jose First, anyway?

San Jose First United Methodist Church is many things to many people: For some, it is a place of worship; for some, a fellowship. For some, it’s a place where we find opportunities to do service projects or provide funds for programs to give real, “hands on” help to people in need. To all, it is a place where God works in the present, a place where prayers are answered.

You’ll find small groups of all ages, including children’s clubs, youth groups, adult discussion groups, music groups, Bible studies, and fellowships.

We invite you to “come as you are” to Sunday Worship. ALL are welcome here.

God has blessed us with a vision and the energy to bring about change in ourselves and our community — in other words, some very cool things. Join our growing body of believers and learn God’s personal plan of action for you.

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Is Something Missing in Your Life

Are you lonely? Do you feel a void, an empty space in your life? Are there days that you experience a longing or a hunger for something you can’t quite understand? That something missing is Christ, and a real connection to God’s spiritual nourishment in their life.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ it may be hard to understand, but accepting or asking Christ into your life will change your life. John (1:14) explains it to early Christians when he says, “The word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” Old Testament prophets had foretold the birth of a Christ, and the author wanted people to know their prophesy had been fulfilled. Later John (10:10) quotes Jesus saying, “I come that they who believe will experience a full life.” This is as true today as it was then — and it will be true tomorrow too!

If you want to talk to someone about Christ and your relationship with Him, please contact us by phone or email, or come visit us in person during our office hours or on Sunday mornings.