What's Happening

August 6

Rev. Jim Crawford preaching
This Sunday, August 6, through Sunday, September 17, Rev. Jim Crawford will be with us on Sunday mornings. For those of you who don't know him, Jim was the pastor of San Jose First for many years. He was appointed to the church in 1991, just after the fire! He served until January 2012, when he retired. It will be a joy to have some time with Jim during this transition period.

August 27

El Maguey report
After worship on Sunday, August 27, the team that went to El Maguey to build the library will give a presentation to tell the story of their journey. They have LOTS of photos to share. It will be good to hear about the arrival of the books in El Maguey and the creation of the library. Join us for refreshments and fellowship.


Weekly Spanish-English Conversation Group
Tuesdays from 7–8pm. The Spanish Conversation Group is a mixture of English, Spanish, and bilingual speakers. For the first 30 minutes, we speak to each other in only Spanish; for the second 30 minutes we speak to each other in only English. Come practice the language you are trying to learn!

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